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Appropriate detailing of buildings ensures they remain serviceable, the occupants remain healthy and that the design life of the building is not compromised. The outcome of failing to adequately detail for moisture control is a common underlying cause of many reported building failures. The rectification of the side-effects of condensation can result in costly repairs and in the case of related fungal and mould infestations, prohibitively expensive repairs.

Traditionally, Australian buildings were not airtight and had little or no insulation. However, as a result of changing occupant practices and the introduction of mandatory energy efficiency requirements, building practices are changing, requiring a change in detailing so that moisture related problems are adequately managed.

While a common cause of moisture related problems is due to water ingress, the focus of this Handbook is controlling moisture within the building’s fabric resulting from condensation.

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A pdf of the 2011 first edition is available here.