What we do

We assist product manufacturers in the development and marketing of new and existing components and systems; advise government departments upon design guidance for external consultants and are involved with various test programmes to develop new products and product applications.

We provide expert witness services in connection with mediation, adjudication, arbitration and litigation in construction disputes. We prepare detailed appraisals of causes of failure with recommendations for remedial works. We also consider and advise upon allegations of negligence by consultants.

Based on our architectural and building pathology experience we provide a specialist consultancy service to manufacturers, contractors and building owners in connection with the development and installation of materials and systems used in pitched and flat roofs.

We also assist Clients to design, co-ordinate and direct test programmes at various UK and European centres including the Building Research Establishment, and the Universities of Leuven and Newcastle. This work supports the production of technical and marketing literature explaining the application of products; the production of training videos; websites and training seminars for architects.

We have undertaken research projects for product manufacturers and government departments leading to the marketing of new products and systems and the publication of design guidance, technical literature, lectures and articles in the professional press in the UK, Europe, America and Australia.

We began developing our specialist software for the UK construction industry in 1985. That software, now marketed under the name of JPA Designer, is regarded as an industry standard and is widely used throughout the UK, Europe, China, Australia and New Zealand. As building regulations and attitudes to areas such as insulation change from region to region, our aim is to bring our software and our expertise to those new markets, so helping architects and designers adapt and understand the sorts of problems we in the UK have been dealing with for decades.

Avaliable for download below are two of our recent technical papers and ETAG 031.

Paper No. 10/01:
The future of insulation in residential ground-bearing floors - time for a re-think?
Paper No. 10/02:
Guide to
Building Regulations
Changes 2010
ETAG 031:
Guideline for European Technical Approval of Inverted Roof Insulation Kits